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What is organic cotton?


Cotton is used in almost every piece of clothing because of its softness and comfortable wear. Unfortunately, normal cotton uses lots of pesticides and chemicals to produce and turn it into a normal shirt.

Every T-shirt made with normal cotton requires ¼ pound of harmful chemicals. For this reason, we are using only organic cotton in our clothing. This cotton is organically raised. This means no toxins or synthetic fertilizers are used in the process. Organic cotton it's produces without the use harsh chemical bleachers or dyes. For that reason, it is allergy free!

The process of organic cotton

The process of making organic cotton clothing starts with making sure the soil we use has been free from banned substances for three or more years. then the cotton gets planted. In the growing process of the cotton there are only natural fertilizers used. When the cotton is ready to harvest is gets harvested and selected on quality. We only use the highest quality cotton. This cotton gets spun into yarn and the yarn is used in our clothing.