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What is piñatex?


The process of making Piñatex is really complicated.

After harvesting the leaves, the long fibers are extracted through a process called decortication. This is done by a farming community called Ananas Anam. They have developed the first decortication machine. This machine allows farmers to utilize even better and use almost all the waste of the leaves. Once the leaves have been stripped the leftover biomass can be used for nutrient-rich fertilizer or as biofuel. This way nothing will end up as waste.

After this the fabrics get degummed and undergo an industrial process to become a non-woven mesh, which forms the base of the new Piñatex. The rolls of non-woven mesh are then transported to Spain for specialized finishing. This finishing will provide the Piñatex with its unique leather-like structure. The finished textile is distributed to designers and brands as Environ-Design. These designers and brand scan use it as a sustainable alternative to leather.