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Are you ready to make the difference?

"The future is yours"

Did you know that over 50 % of all fibers used for textiles are made from non-renewable fossil fuels? And that 311 million tons of virgin plastic is produced every year, of which a truckload is dumped as waste into our oceans every second?

(!) That needs to stop now!
That is why we are happy to introduce you to Waste2Wear!

Waste2Wear is a textile engineering company, who focus their skills on the development of innovative textiles made from post-consumer plastic waste in a responsible and fully transparent value chain. While doing so, they aim to inspire and challenge others to make fashion and textiles a force for good. Waste2Wear operates with the strong conviction that partnerships are key and value-based business is the future. Read more about Waste2Wear and where they stand for.

For Environ design products we are always looking for innovative materials that are less harmful to our planet. Using Waste2Wear®fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles, we use 75% les CO2 / 86% less Water and 70% less energy.

Let’s take care of our planet together by paying attention and buying recycled polyester fabrics made from post-consumer plastic waste. See our clothing pieces. This way you directly contribute to a cleaner world.

together with waste2wear we try to make it clear to people what the positive influence is of plastic recycling. Here are some cool facts about recycled polyester:

- recycling a plastic bottle provides enough energy to burn a light bulb for 3 hours

- 86% less water is needed in the production of recycled polyester than in the production of virgin polyester.

- 1 Kilogram of recycled polyester equals 60 recycled plastic bottles.

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How it is made?

"The future is yours"

The process in which plastic bottles are processed into clothing has 5 steps:

Step 1:

Postconsumer bottles are collected from different places all around the world

Step 2:

The bottles are ground into small pieces or "flakes” these flakes are carefully cleaned. And get sorted by color.

Step 3:

The sorted flakes are melted and compressed into compact granules.

Step 4:

These granules are melted one more time and then spun into high quality yarns. Yarn made of plastic.

Step 5:

This Waste2Wear RPET yarn can be used on its own but can also be combined with other yarns to obtain a wide range of fabrics.

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Are you ready to make the difference?

"The future is yours"

Customer awareness

To make people aware of the good influence of plastic recycling, each of our products contains an inside tag with information about how many bottles have been used in that particular item of clothing. Each piece of clothing also has a hanging card with a QR code that links to a video about how the fabrics are made.